Are you a smoker looking to improve your lung health and kick the habit for good the 


Maybe you’re concerned about the negative impact of smoking on YOUR health…

Or you experience stress and anxiety related to quitting smoking and you’re currently facing withdrawal symptoms…

Symptoms like lack of focus, and feelings of dependence on cigarettes.

Even worse, maybe you’re among the millions of South Africans who are currently suffering from breathing difficulty… cough,

… mucus production, and whistle breathing. 

 Our unique blend of mullein, peppermint, and marshmallow is specifically designed to help cleanse and detoxify your lungs.

It doesn’t stop there…

It also shields your internal systems from toxins.

Smokers dying young is medically now a choice.


The Next Generation Organic Smokers Detox Tea

How it works.

Smoking can take a serious toll on your respiratory system, but it’s never too late to make a CHANGE. With organic smokers' detox tea, you can support your body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate. 

Our all-natural blend of herbs works to support respiratory function and promote healthy lung tissue.

how it tastes-

But that’s not all - the refreshing taste of peppermint and the soothing properties of marshmallows make organic smokers detox a pleasure to drink. You’ll look forward to your daily cup of tea as you work toward a daily smoke-free lifestyle.

The science behind it-

This is the breakthrough that finally makes the miracle of cleaning the lungs after smoking available to everyone…

And inside every single tea bag, you will find the 3 most proven ingredients known to science…

Ingredients that can shield your internal systems from toxins…

And clean your lungs…

So that you don’t just FEEL BETTER…

You LOOK BETTER and more relaxed.

And you can even QUIT smoking whenever you want…

 without facing the risk of cancer or early death.

Every day of using smokers' detox tea is another day of living life without regrets…

Or fear of “what you enjoy the most killing you.”


Still in doubt? Here are Ten reasons you should give organic smokers' tea a try today.

  1. Improved lung health: organic smokers' detox tea can help cleanse and detoxify the lungs, improving respiratory function and supporting healthy lung tissue.

  2. Natural and effective: our unique blend of mullein, peppermint, and marshmallow is all-natural and has been specifically formulated to support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

  3. Easy to incorporate into your routine: with a delicious taste and easy-to-use tea bags, organic smokers detox tea is simple to incorporate into your daily routine.

  4. Affordable: our tea is an affordable and accessible way to support your lung health and work towards a smoke-free lifestyle.

  5. Gentle on the body: our blend of herbs is gentle on the body, making it a suitable choice for smokers of all ages and levels of nicotine dependence.

  6. Safe and reliable: our tea is made with high-quality ingredients and is produced in a GMP-certified facility, ensuring that you are getting a safe and reliable product.

  1. Positive customer reviews: our customers have experienced positive results from using organic smokers' detox tea, and we have received many positive reviews.

  1. Social responsibility: by choosing organic smokers detox tea, you are not only supporting your own health, but also supporting a company that is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and reducing the harmful effects of smoking.

  1. Money-back guarantee: we are confident in the effectiveness of our tea and offer a 30-DAY money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

To be clear, if our product doesn’t work for you (which rarely happens) we do not deserve your money. Feel free to ask for a refund

1 pack +10 free tea-bags(30 teabags) = R1,200GHC R650(promo price)

2 packs +20 free tea-bags(60 teabags) = R2,400 R1,200(super promo)

3 packs +30 free tea-bags= R3,600 R1,500(RECOMMENDED)

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Frequently asked questions

How many tea bags are in the smokers tea?

 The organic smokers tea comes with 20 teabags plus 10 extra teabags per pack…

how does organic smokers' detox tea work again?

Organic smokers' detox tea works by activating “cilia” within your lungs. This process is also known as your “resurrection system” because it clears out “toxins and mucus” that build up as you smoke.. This “junk” is the #1 reason why it’s so hard to breathe, and it also is the major reason why some people experience cancer and stroke. since the toxins contain harmful chemicals that can cause cancer and the mucus reduces the amount of oxygen that flows into the blood.

Once you activate your “resurrection system,” feeling better becomes easier, your energy levels soar and your cravings are reduced.

How do I use organic smokers' detox tea?

Taking organic smokers' detox tea couldn’t be easier. Just take 2 teabags every morning (no specific time). Just make sure you take it daily. period! to experience the best results.

It's taken like Lipton tea, put two tea bags in a tea cup and pour boiling water, allow for 7-10 mins to brew and cool before sipping. Don't add anything like sugar, honey or milk take it plain

How long does it take to completely detox my lungs after i quite smoking?

it depends on how long, and how much you smoked. Sometimes it takes 6 months, and in worst cases 12 months… but when using organic smokers detox you begin the cleansing journey immediately… and you will start feeling the difference ALMOST INSTANTLY.

Are there any side effects?

Naveen smokers detox tea is 100% organic and herbal. There has been no reported side effects on the product rather we have been having positive feedbacks and repeated purchases

Will organic smokers' detox tea work for me?

With all of the overwhelming evidence supporting the ingredients found inside organic smokers' detox tea, as well as the countless transformation stories we hear from customers like you, we feel confident that organic smokers' detox tea will work for you. But, if for any reason it doesn’t, remember that you’re 100% protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Simply call or send an email to SUPPORT EMAIL and you’ll receive every dime of your investment back. This information will be provided to you on your confirmation page, via email, and inside every order of organic smokers' detox tea.

How do I get started?

It couldn’t be simpler. Just fill out the form above now, select your order quantity and you’ll have your order in just a few days!

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Charles Newman